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Sadly, today we live in a violent society where verbal and physical abuse towards employees is very much on the increase. Legislation dictates that companies must now take steps to train their staff in defending themselves against such abuse. Companies must ensure that all training in this field is to a standard where the course not only protects staff in the workplace, but also against potential litigation.

Healthy and Safety legislation states the employers must provide adequate training. Failure to supply the required training may result in an injured employee suing their employer for compensation. To avoid the risk of potential litigation and provide adequate training to ensure Health & Safety, suitable instruction in approved Breakaway/Self Defence techniques should be provided to all employees at risk.

You may ask "Can I afford to do this?". With the risks of litigation being a potentially far greater cost, perhaps the question to ask is "Can I afford NOT to do this?"!

Guardian Personal Protection can provide the solution - an affordable bespoke training service, directly addressing the needs of each organisation and it's employees.

About Guardian Personal Protection

Guardian Personal Protection offers bespoke Self Defence Instruction to companies and organisations across a range of industries. Our courses are designed to equip your employees for greater personal safety both inside and outside the workplace. We teach both the relevant law and physical techniques to enhance personal safety.