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Great Employer!

Most employers would like to think themselves "Good Employers", but what does it take to be a "Great Employer"? A good Christmas party? Free pizza? Flexible working arrangements? Equality and diversity?

All these things are great and much appreciated by employees - and people very often don't want to think about what can go wrong for them whilst doing their job. However, free pizza is going to look fairly unimportant when an employee finds themselves in a situation where they are being put in fear for their life or have been seriously injured by violence in the workplace. At times like that, they will value and respect an employer who has done all that they can to keep them safe at work by providing Self Defence and Anti-Terror training. They will very likely be grateful for and value the training even if they never have to use it. It is certainly our wish and hope that they never have to.

So one benefit of Self Defence and Anti-Terror training is that it will make you a Great Employer!

Protect Employees

If you value your employees, you will want to keep them safe. You will want them safe at work and you will want them safe in their life outside work. If an employee is injured, they may be off from work for any amount of time. If they are killed or permanantly injured, you will have lost a valued employee and there will be an impact on the emotional wellbeing of that person's colleagues.

Protect Your Company

If your employee is the victim of a violent attack whilst doing their job and the employer has not provided Self Defence training, they will have a case against the employer in court if they feel they have to sue for damages. By providing Self Defence training to employees, you protect both the employees and the Company or Organisation that employs them.


Teambuilding training is very popular with many employers. However, most team building courses do not teach anything particularly useful. If you send your staff on one of our Self Defence training courses, they will receive Team Building benefits as a powerful side effect of the Self Defence training. If you are going to pay for Team Building, why not send your employers home with something that can save their lives both inside and outside of work? That's got to be more valuable than an afternoon in a racing buggy, doing some archery or building castles out of paper etc.!

We find that when people come on a Self Defence training course, there is a strong Team Building effect. This is often commented upon at the end of courses during debriefing. New relationships are forged and existing relationships are developed in new ways. When people train together in Self Defence, they have to work together and trust each other in ways that they would not normally experience in an office or other environment. This enables people to get to know each other much better and in different ways, to see new qualities in each other and explore different ways to work with each other. This leads to the development of good working relationships in training which they take back to their workplace.

Confidence Building and Personal Development

Self confidence is a complicated subject and it isn't something we go into directly. However, training in Self Defence and Martial Arts has a very powerful effect on a person's self confidence. A person can have or think they have any number of complex reasons for low self confidence, but it is found that time and time again, training in Self Defence and Martial Arts has a very positive effect on their confidence and personal development. It may be that subconsciously, many people know how vulnerable they are physically and this comes out in the way that they relate to people. By teaching that person how to anticipate, assess and respond to physical threat, we can give them context for their feelings and help them understand the difference between a situation they need to be concerned about and one that they don't. People who train in Self Defence very often feel that they walk taller and with more confidence. This makes them less attractive targets for some opportunist criminals. Knowing how to deal with violence or the threat thereof can make a significant difference to a person's confidence.